Dua Lipa’s Jaw-Dropping Twist on Classic Chanel

Chanel’s traveling Mademoiselle Privé exhibit is almost like a greatest hits of the French House. The show, which has gone from Paris to London to Seoul, showcases one-of-a-kind creations from each period of the brand’s history, from Coco Chanel’s designs to the late Karl Lagerfeld’s, interspersed with photos of actresses, models, and Chanel muses wearing the house’s haute couture gowns.

There are also some particularly rarefied jewels on display, including re-editions of “Bijoux de Diamants,” the first and only collection of jewelry that Coco Chanel designed herself in 1932.

Yesterday, at the exhibit’s opening in Shanghai, Dua Lipa found a way to pay tribute to this storied history in her own way.

For her performance at the event, Lipa wore an intricately beaded white Chanel sweater, which she paired with a matching pearly purse, naturally. It’s what she wore underneath, though, that was most surprising. Lipa finished off the look with a figure-hugging black-and-white bodysuit emblazoned with those infamous interlocking Cs.

It was classic Chanel, albeit with a fiery pop star twist.

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