Getting to Know KK Dixon: 5 Quick Facts About Ja Morant’s Girlfriend

KK Dixon is Ja Morant’s girl friend. Both Murray State and his girlfriend post pictures of each other on Instagram.

Dixon is a big fan of Morant and often cheers him on through her Instagram account. In an Instagram post for Valentine’s Day, Morant said, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful queen! I’m lucky and grateful for you, girl. I Love You ?

“How do you win on and off the court?”

1. Dixon’s social media are full of posts that support Morant

Dixon is at the Murray State vs. Marquette Golden Eagles game, which is shown on her Instagram story. Dixon’s first Instagram post was a video of her getting on a plane at 5 a.m., with the words “It’s too early for this” written next to it.

A second Instagram post on her story shows her at the game, with the comment “Let’s go 12!”

Dixon’s Instagram is full of posts cheering on the basketball career of her boyfriend. In the post from February above, Dixon asks, “Why is he so handsome?lol…. GOODLUCK TODAY 12 ?”Turn it up!”

Dixon seems to be an athlete; she has shared several photos of herself playing volleyball with a team, but it’s not clear if it’s a high school or college team.

Dixon and Morant have been together for a while. From 2018

Morant posted the first picture of Dixon on Valentine’s Day, but Dixon shared a picture of her boyfriend in December.

Even though Morant has only shared a few photos on Instagram, he already has more than 300,000 fans.

People want to know more about Morant’s personal life because the young player has become something of a sleeper pick. FiveThirtyEight says that Morant could be the first college basketball player in this century to be picked in the top five of the NBA draft from a school that hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament more than 100 times.

Morant’s college is a good example of how unnoticed he was as a high school prоspect. According to The Post and Courier, Morant only got scholarship offers from South Carolina State and Maryland Eastern Shore. Murray State finally gave him an offer after a coach “stumbled upon him.”

3. 15,000 people follow Dixon on Instagram

At the start of March Madness, just under 12,000 people were following Dixon. Dixon has 15,000 points halfway through the competition, thanks in large part to Morant’s huge wins in a number of games.’Morant’s following has also grown a lot. At the start of March Madness, he had around 300,000 followers, but by the time Murray State played FSU on Saturday, he had over 400,000 followers.

Morant told The New York Times that this year’s playoffs are a different beast than the ones he faced before. He said, “Last year, I was happy to be here but also a little nervous. This year, I’m much more at ease.”

4. Tee Morant, Morant’s father, thinks he should be the first pick in the draft.

Morant’s father, Tee Morant, has been a big part of his son’s professional basketball career. In the past, Tee Morant played basketball overseas. Tee is now sure that his son will do well in the future.

When a reporter asked Tee where he thought his son should be picked in the NBA draft, Tee said, “Is there anything before one?”

“Zero,” he said to be clear. “Just let him go…who is in charge of everything on the court? He is like a Swiss army knιfe.

5. Morant Is Currently Ranked Third in the Draft Overall, and He Is the No. 1 Point Guard According to the ESPN draft list, Morant is currently ranked third in the draft overall, after Duke players Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. Morant is the number one point guard, and Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland is the number four player overall and the number two point guard.

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