Gigi Hadid’s New Seafolly Shoot in Malibu: Your First Look

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Gigi Hadid kindly forfeited her 20th-birthday celebrations yesterday, April 23, for the sake of Australian swimwear label Seafolly. Rather than blow out candles, open presents, or whatever it is that one does on their birthday, Gigi instead headed to Malibu in her role as the 2015 face of Seafolly for a pH๏τo shoot.

Gigi Hadid poses in ʙικιɴι for behind the scenes snap for Seafolly | Daily Mail Online

Prancing around in a mix of denim patchwork and red polka-dot ʙικιɴιs, Gigi was able to make the cameramen feel like it was their birthday too. The shoot looked very vintage-inspired with the cutesy prints and cuts, and the blue Mercedes-Benz convertible only helped the apparent theming.

Gigi Hadid for Seafolly

We think Gigi was pretty happy to be spending her birthday in Malibu, with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Cody Simpson, calling her “a Malibu babe at heart.” It turns out they couldn’t have hung out together for her big 2-0 anyway, because he’s touring, but he did make his presence know with a mᴀssive bouquet of flowers delivered her way. Ca-ute.

Gigi Hadid's curves highlight the latest Seafolly collection

Gigi Hadid lazes on deck chair during Seafolly swimwear shoot | Daily Mail Online

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