Great War For Territory!!! Wild Dogs Attack Monkeys To Conquer Territory – Wild Dogs Vs Monkey. (HoaiMy)


Wild dogs, also known as African wild dogs or painted dogs, are highly social and intelligent predators that hunt in packs. They are known for their cooperative hunting strategies and their ability to take down large prey, including antelope and wildebeest.

While wild dogs primarily hunt ungulates (hoofed mammals), they have also been known to prey on smaller animals like rodents, birds, and primates. In some cases, wild dogs may attack monkeys in order to eliminate potential competitors for food or territory.

When wild dogs attack a group of monkeys, they will typically work together to separate individuals from the group and chase them down. Wild dogs are fast runners and can maintain a high speed for long distances, allowing them to catch and kill their prey through a combination of exhaustion and biting.

However, monkeys are also agile and intelligent, and they may be able to evade the wild dogs by climbing trees or using other evasive tactics. In some cases, the monkeys may also band together to defend themselves against the wild dogs, using their sharp teeth and claws to fight back.

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