Kevin Durant allegedly took a backup date to dinner with adult film star Lana Rhoades

Kevin Durant Allegedly took A Backup Date To dinner with Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant recently took a backup date on a date with former adult film actor Lana Rhoades, according to the latter.

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Earlier on Monday, former adult film star Lana Rhoades admitted that she recently made a trip to New York and a Brooklyn Nets player put her up in a skybox at the Barclays Center with a few of her friends. After the game, they all went for dinner and hilariously enough, the player brought a backup date. While Rhoades refused to take the name of the Nets star who invited her for dinner, she claimed that he was a Libra and the only Libra on the Nets roster is Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant Lana Rhoades date: Nets star invited a backup date on dinner with former adult film star

On Monday, Lana Rhoades shared her story on the newest episode of her ‘3 Girls 1 Kitchen’ podcast, explaining how one player from the Brooklyn Nets decided to get in touch with her for a date while she was in the Big Apple. The 24-year-old didn’t name the player but hinted that the accused party might be Kevin Durant, “The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls and this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me that where I’ve been invited on a date and they also invite a backup option,” she said. 


Rhoades added that the player wasn’t interesting at all and she had to leave because the Nets star was ‘boring’. “We ended up leaving dinner, not because of that situation because, at that point, you’re already friend-zoned, I don’t give a f*** who you’re talking to, the date was really boring… I don’t want to be mean but me and this guy just didn’t click and I’m like what’s your favourite this, what’s your opinion on this, and he was just like, I don’t have opinions on anything, I don’t have favourite anythings”

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She concluded by saying that the NBA star was being serious and wasn’t just saying that to shut down the conversation. I just felt… he’s not spicy enough for me,” she explained. Based on the timing of Rhoades’ story, and the recency of the game, all signs point to Durant. 

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