Shakira piloted a jet ski as her boys Sasha and Milan held on to her.

Shakira and her sons, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, looked like they had a blast in the water. The three were photographed doing some water sports, as Shakira piloted a jet ski with her sons holding on to her.

Photos show Shakira and her boys wearing comfy clothes as they coast through the water. Shakira wore an all pink outfit made out of shorts and a top, and wore her hair in a bun. She also had a life vest. Her boys also wore matching vests, with Milan wearing pink shorts and a grey shirt. Sasha wore similar shots and a long sleeve baby blue shirt.

Shakira’s sons spent the past couple of months with their father, Gerard Pique. According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, there have been rumors that Pique’s current partner Clara Chia has had to leave their house and stay with her parents for the duration of the kids visit.

The Spanish personality Nacho Gay has denied these rumors in a TV program. “(Clara Chía) has spent time with those kids during those 15 days they’ve been in Spain. I know for a fact that these kids have been with Clara Chía. There’s no issue; they’re a normal family, a normal couple. They’ve broken up (referring to Piqué and Shakira’s marriage),” he said.

Shakira’s life in Miami
Despite the media’s interest in the drama that surrounds Shakira’s life, she appears to be having a great time in her home in Miami. She’s also more public and famous than ever, attending luxurious events and award shows.

Most recently, she received a shoutout at a Beyoncé concert.