Supreme Dominance: Eagle’s Unrivaled Power Sends Ground Prey into Terrified Retreat.HoaiMy

The eagle is the biggest eagle in the Americas and ranks first in the world for size right now.

Specifically, when mature, Harpy eagles are about 1 meter tall, possessing a wingspan of 1.76 to 2.24 meters. However, because they are a bird, despite their massive body, their weight is only in the range of 6-9 kg for females and 4-4.8 kg for males.

Eagles have always been dubbed the “lord of the sky” thanks to their speed, superior observation and hunting ability. The grip of the large eagle’s claws helps this bird to hunt large prey such as mammals (mountain goats, deer, wild boar), reptiles, including snakes. deadly venom…

Although rated as one of the most powerful and fearsome birds of prey in the natural world, not all hunting trips of eagles are smooth and sometimes they encounter “occupational accidents” because of the reaction. Strong resistance from prey.

In the video, the eagle with the power of its sharp talons has completely overpowered the hunt.

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