The untold secrets behind the numƄeɾ 23 that Michael Jordɑn chose


Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn.



Shortly after Jordan started to learn to walk, his family moved from Brooklyn (New York) to Wilmingtown (North Caraline).



His father worked as a mechanic while his mother worked as a bank teller.

As a student Jordan was an average student.
After joining Emsley A. Laney High School Jordan showed a great interest in sport and ended up playing Basketball, American Football and Baseball.



In all these sports, Jordan stands out from the rest of the team.

His father, who has always been very close to his life, was in love with Baseball and wanted Jordan to practice the same.
However, despite going against his father’s initial will, Joran preferred to follow Basketball.

Jordan in 2nd year of high school tried to be part of the main team but ended up failing due to his height, his technical skills were not yet sufficiently developed and the fact that he was still quite young.

The fact that he was unable to join the team made Jordan more motivated to achieve that goal, making him concentrate on all the tactical aspects of the game with a very high intensity.

All this work made Jordan become the star of the youngest team in the school, scoring more than 40 points in several games.

During the summer Jordan took part in a summer camp where he got the longed-for spot in the main team of the school.
In his first official game for the main team Michael Jordan scored 35 points.



During the 2 years that Jordan was in the team he had the following averages of 25 points per game, 12 rebounds and 5.3 assists.

Although joradan improved from second to third year, many still doubted his ability to become an NBA player.

In the summer of that year Jordan was invited to participate in a summer capo directed by Garfinkel.

In this match Jordan won the MVP award 7 times and won a certification that placed him as one of the 10 best players to be drafted by the NBA.
This led 2 NBA team scouts to place Jordan as the main highlight to watch.

Dean Smith, the coach of the University of North Carolina, was already interested in recruiting Michael Jordan before the camp, and after his success and before other coaches managed to take him, he sent his assistant to accompany Jordan even more closely without the media knew.

The big goal was to be able to recruit Jordan to the university camp next summer and it was successfully accomplished.

Jordan in that camp simply destroyed all his opponents.

During the last year of high school Jordan captivated the scouts from several universities with his exhibitions, causing him to receive several university proposals like Duke, Syracuse and Virgina but he decided to go to North Carolina University after reading Dean Smith’s letter.



In his first university year, Jordan was very prominent in the university team.

He was considered the freshman of the year and helped the team win the NCAA 81/82 championship.



In the second season he was named the university player of the year by Sporting News but failed to reach the NCAA final.

In the third season Jordan continued to win several individual awards but was unable to reach the final again.

In 1984, Jordan decided to try his luck to become a professional and play in the NBA in favor of his mother against this decision.
When this decision was made public Jordan became a well placed player to be chosen in the draft.

Jordan was chosen in 3rd position by the Chicago Bulls.



Michael Jordan debuted in the NBA on October 26, 1984 where he scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

Still in the early part of the season Jordan started to become famous mainly after a defeat against the Boston Celtics where he scored 27 points.

At the end of that game a Boston Celtics player said

I’ve never seen a player change a team like that.

This season Jordan participated in the Olympic Games and won the gold medal for the USA.

Michael Jordan ended the season with an average of 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists and 2.4 steals.

At this time he was eventually chosen to play the All Star Game.

In the second season Jordan was injured for a long time due to a foot injury he suffered in the 3rd game of the championship.
Despite this, the Bulls managed to qualify for the play-offs against the Celtics.

In the second game of the play-off Jordan scored 63 points but even so the Bulls were eventually eliminated.



Season 3 for the Bulls (86/87) was Jordan’s best season to date with an average of 35 points per game (ending the season with over 3000 points).
This made him the 2nd in NBA history to score 3000 points in one season.

In the 87/88 season, Jordan maintained an average of 35 points per game and was elected NBA MVP for the first time.



But that was not enough and the Bulls were eventually eliminated by the Detroit Pistons in the play-offs.

In the 88/89 season, the Bulls were again eliminated by the Detroit Pistons in the play-offs despite Jordan continuing to make great seasons.

In the 90/91 season, Jordan made it to the NBS finals. By this time Jordan was already the team leader.

Jordan won the 1st champion title after defeating the Los Angels Lakers in the final.



In the following 2 seasons, Jordan won 2 more champion titles making the Bulls triple NBA champions.



In these 3 titles, Jordan has always won the MVP award.

In 1992, Jordan won the gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics.



On July 23, 1993, Jordan’s father was killed in an assault. This deeply shook Jordan and made him decide to stop playing basketball and go to play baseball in honor of his father who loved that sport.

However, this shook the entire sporting world, as Jordan was at the peak of his career and had not practiced basevol for over 10 years.

I can accept failure. After all, anyone fails in something. But what I can never accept is not to try.

Initially Jordan was playing for the Chicago White Socks, a Major League team. However, he was eventually transferred to Brimingham Barons, a team from lower divisions.



However he never managed to have good results and on 23 March 1993 he announced his return to the NBA.

Before returning to 100% he did some training with the Bulls team and Luke said the following:

In training sessions it was obvious to everyone that he had an appetite for it again.
My reading was that he had already made up his mind.

At this point many people began to question whether he would be able to do everything he had done before in the NBA.

In his return season Jordan even played well but not as he did before he went to Baseball.
The Bulls were eventually eliminated in the play-offs by Orlando Magic.

The following season, led by Jordan, the Bulls broke the record with 72 wins and only 10 losses and eventually became the NBA champion.



The same thing happened in the following 2 seasons, making Jordan have 6 NBA champion titles and he was still considered the MVP of the finals in the 3 seasons.



One of Jordan’s most amazing games was the 1997 final against the Utah Jazz where he was sick with a virus but decided to play even when his coach said he shouldn’t. He scored 35 points in that game where 15 were in the last quarter.

In 1999 Jordan decided to end his career as a player.
His total numbers for the Bulls were 930 games with 29,277 points.

In 2000 Jordan bought the Washington Wizards team.

September 2001, after months of rumors, Jordan announced that he will return to play for the Wizards this time.



He did not succeed in the Wizards as he did in the Bulls.

His last game was on August 7, 2004.

For the Wizards he played 142 games and scored 3015 points.

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