Unforeseen Outcome: Epic Conflict Between Wild Boar and Giant Python Ends in Unexpected Conclusion.

A herd of pigs took revenge on the pythons for foolishly eating piglets and tormented them to death. A herd of piglets is attacking a brocade python because it once swallowed a piglet as retaliation.

Python kills Pig 01 - Dangerous Animals in Florida - YouTube

The python was trampled and trampled by the pigs, making it unable to raise its head. Even the piglets actively participate in the fight. Even when trying to find a way to escape, it was bitten on the neck by a pig and then slammed to the ground.The pigs kept attacking, making the giant python unable to escape. Tragically, the python was killed by a herd of pigs.

The brocade python, also known as the king python, the Asian reticulated python is a large python that lives in Southeast Asia. The natural food source of the python includes mammals and birds. The 3-4 meter long individuals normally feed on rodents such as rats, while the larger ones target civets such as civets and civets, and even primates and pigs.

Like other pythons, brocade pythons are non-venomous and do not kill their prey with a bite. The bite is only to hold the prey, while the killing is carried out by wrapping the python’s large body around the bait to squeeze it to death.

Python kills Pig 07 - Dangerous Animals - YouTube

Each time their prey exhales, the python will again squeeze their body little by little and eventually cause the prey to die of suffocation. At the same time, during that squeeze, the hard bones of the prey will also be broken into many pieces, making it easier to swallow and digest the prey.

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