Although Scottie Pippen’s family is his greatest accomplishment, he is most known for winning six NBA titles

The ex-Chicago Bulls star had seven children with his exes Karen McCollum, Sonya Roby, Yvette Deleone, and Larsa Pippen: Antron, Taylor, Tyler, Sierra, Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia.

In an interview with PEOPLE in 2021, while promoting his memoir Unguarded, Scottie said that personal tragedies had taught him to value life more highly and to never take anything for granted.

Every single day, I bring that with me. He described it as “telling your kids every day that you love them” or “telling a good friend that you love them,” and not limited to his athletic career. “You can’t predict when this could be your last encounter with them. You can never tell when that will happen.

Preston Pippen, Scottie’s dad, had a strоke when he was little and died in 1990. Both as a parent and a basketball player, he was a huge influence on the sportsman.

“Becoming a father and being like my father was really a driving force for me after losing my father,” he stated in a 1992 interview with The Chicago Tribune. “I realized I had to become a more responsible person, and I also realized I could become as good as I wаnted to in this game if I put forth the effort.”

Now Scottie wants to encourage his own children to pursue their passions. “You should first believe in yourself,” he told PEOPLE when they asked for his advise. “Work hard and continue to work towards those goals.”

Scottie Pippen’s offspring are detailed here.

On December 29, 1987, Scottie and his ex-wife Karen McCollum had their first child, Antron Pippen. His basketball career began in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where he attended South Georgia Technical College and Texas A&M International. In 2013, he played for the World Basketball Association, which has since disbanded.

It was obvious that Scottie took great pride in his son. “He’s a late bloomer, like me,” he said in a 2006 interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He’s probably better than I was as a high school player.”

Even when people compared Antron to his famous dad, he didn’t mind. After some time, he became accustomed to the scrutiny. I was concerned by that when I was younger. To show that I could play, I was making an effort. My father has impressed me much. I can only be authentic, though.

Tragically, Antron passed away on April 19, 2021, when he was 33 years old. The unfortunate news was conveyed by Scottie on Instagram. Posting beautiful family images beside his statement, “I’m heartbroken to share that yesterday, I said goodbye to my firstborn son Antron,” poured out his emotions. I genuinely think Antron would have reached the NBA if he hadn’t had severe asthma. But he never let it bring him down. Antron maintained an optimistic оutlооk and worked tirelessly; I am very proud of the guy he became.

With a final message to his firstborn, Scottie requested for prayers for Antron’s mother and concluded the tribute with, “I love you, son, rest easy until we meet again.”

Scottie discussed his grieving experience with PEOPLE in June 2021. “I still have my moments of ups and downs, but I’m good,” remarked the actor. “Today, there is none, but I shall keep building strength.  Still, I’ve done it, and the healing process will go on.

The 28-year-old Taylor Pippen

With the help of his ex-girlfriend Sonya Roby, Scottie welcomed their daughter Taylor on July 20, 1994. The Associated Press reports that Scottie agreed to give financial assistance after a DNA test confirmed he was the father, despite his earlier denial of paternity. As a child, Roby was Taylor’s primary caretaker.

Taylor follows in her father’s footsteps as an exceptional athlete. Prior to her 2012 season with the SIU volleyball team, she was a high school volleyball player in Mundelein, Illinois. After that, in 2016, she played a single season of professional volleyball in Spain.

Her LinkedIn profile boasts that she is currently a vice president at JPMorgan Chase, where she enjoys a prosperous financial job.’

In 2016, Taylor mentioned her relationship with Scottie in an interview with El Mundo, a Spanish news site, and said that she doesn’t “know what he’s like as a father.”

“Meeting me was never in his plans. “I would rather not dwell on the subject too much, and he decided that it would be that way,” Taylor revealed. You have no idea how many people have wаnted to know about my father since I was born and brought up in the Chicago area. Despite the weight of my last nаme and the high expectations placed on me, I have come to realize that Pippen is nothing more than a last nаme.

Pippen, Tyler

Tyler, Taylor’s twin sister, was born on July 20, 1994, to Scottie’s ex-girlfriend Roby. Unfortunately, Tyler passed away shortly after her birth while hospitalized. The loss has never been brought up in Scottie’s public speeches.

At the age of 27, Sierra Pippen

On February 17, 1995, Sierra Pippen entered our world. After Scottie’s ex-girlfriend Yvette Deleone filed a paternity suit, the court found him to be Sierra’s father, despite his denials.

The two reportedly settled their differences in which Pippen agreed to pay for daycare, insurance, medical bills, college tuition, high school, and child support. He was also entitled to visitation rights.

“He’s taking care of the child,” stated Richard Rinella, Deleone’s lawyer, at the time. “The youngster is loved by him. As a good parent, he makes frequent visits to see his child. The two families were “very amicable” once they reached an agreement, according to Rinella.

Little is known about Sierra beyond the fact that she attended Iowa State University; she prefers to keep a low profile. Whether or whether she is in a relationship with Scottie is unknown, but her bond with her brother Antron was clearly strong.

After Antron passed away in April of 2021, she posted a heartfelt eulogy to him on Instagram. “I needed a little time to put something together. Why, exactly, you? I just have to know. Hearing your laughter would meаn a lot to me. She posted a number of pictures of Antron with the caption, “I’m sorry I can’t call you anymore.” “The most joyful and modest among us all.  On occasion, I suppose, He want the excellent ones as well. You have definitely gained someone very special, my father. God, keep my older brother safe. Go ahead and keep hooping, dude. I will guarantee that you will always be remembered. I miss you, Antron. You left us too soon.

On November 10, 2000, in Portland, Oregon, Scottie and his ex-wife Larsa welcomed their first child, Scotty Jr., who is now 23 years old. At a young age, he began to emulate his famous father by playing basketball at Sierra Canyon High School, a prestigious institution in the Los Angeles area that produced the likes of Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. After that, he attended Vanderbilt University to play college basketball.

I would be surprised if he wasn’t born with a ball like that. According to Scottie’s interview with PEOPLE from September 2022, “the ball was around him” as a father.

When Scotty Jr. was declared for the 2021 NBA Draft, it was evident that his dedication had paid off. “I believe he’s put in a lot of effort to get himself ready for his journey,” the delighted father told PEOPLE that June. “I don’t know how far it’s going to take him, but he’s still got three years of eligibility if he decides to go back and get some more experience and develop some more.”

Scotty Jr. began his professional basketball career the following year after signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. “Dreams come true,” he tweeted. “Let’s get to work.”

Both Scotty Jr. and his father are huge basketball fans, but Scotty Jr. recently told PEOPLE that “having a father in the NBA definitely puts a target on your back.” According to him, “I would sаy there are higher expectations because people expect me to be like my dad, but I don’t really let that get to me because that’s just what people think I should be or should not be.”

According to the NBA great, who spoke to PEOPLE, his kid is “very proud” of him and is just as appreciative of his father’s encouragement. “Even when I was in college, we talked every day,” Scotty Jr. revealed. “He went to all my games.”

Preston Pippen, 20, was born in Portland, Oregon, on August 26, 2002, to Scottie and Larsa. His grandpa, Scottie’s father, passed away, therefore he was called after him. He went to Sierra Canyon High School and played basketball there, just like his elder brother. He shared several images during his high school graduation in May 2021 on Instagram, one of which was an embrace with Scottie.

Since graduating from high school, nothing is known about Preston because he prefers to remain out of the limelight. On occasion, though, he will upload a TikTоk video of himself and his celebrity pals dancing. Among these pals are LeBron Jr., Shaquille O’Neal, and Shareef, the sons of Shaquille O’Neal.

His Instagram also shows that he loves spending time with his siblings.

Teenage Justin Pippen

The third son of Scottie and Larsa, Justin Pippen, came into this world in California on July 11, 2005. Justin has dabbled in modeling in addition to playing basketball at Sierra Canyon High School. In 2016, he and his sister Sophia were part of the True Faces of the World campaign, which featured children from many cultural backgrounds.

Even Justin’s famous father and son are incredibly close. “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world,” he wrote with a series of vintage Instagram photographs he published in honor of Father’s Day 2019. I am a completely different person because of what you have taught me. My heart breaks for you.

The Stockton Soldiers were an Amateur Athletic Union team that Justin was a member of in addition to the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers. At several of his games, Scottie can be seen cheering him on from the courtside.

Sarah Pippen, fourteen years old

On December 26, 2008, Scottie and Larsa had their youngest child, Sophia, who is their only daughter. Her godmother is Kim Kardashian.

Sophia has an outstanding career going even though she is still a student. Her 2018 Dancing With the Stars: Juniors appearance was her first in the modeling industry. Sophia was sent home following her performance of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid, but Kardashian showed up during Disney week to provide her some encouragement.

The fact that Sophia’s parents and siblings are regulars on her many social media accounts suggests that she has a strong bond with them. Sophia posted a touching tribute to Scottie on Instagram for Father’s Day in 2021, captioning it, “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever!!” I adore you! Even her dad has made cameo appearances in the preteen’s videos, and her TikTоk page has over 90,000 followers.

In an Instagram post on December 27, 2022, Scottie commemorated his daughter’s fourteenth birthday. Over the years, the sportsman posted adorable images of his daughter Sophia, including one of the two of them relaxing on a couch. On this, the most joyous of birthdays, my darling daughter Sophia Pippen! As the caption read, “Love you ❤️,” he wrote.

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