Ayesha and Stephen Curry Embrace Nostalgia with a Stunning Outdoor Art Installation

 Ayesha and Stephen Curry
Ayesha and Stephen Curry

The Bay Area’s favorite power couple, Stephen and Ayesha Curry, have been decorating with checks – a vintage print rooted in nostalgia.

Golden State Warriors player Stephen and his actress wife Ayesha is used to making headlines in sports and the silver screen, but recently, they’ve turned their attention to (unintentionally) inspiring our decorating decisions – including outdoor furniture. Or, in this case, checkered patterned furniture.

Pictured on their patio, Ayesha is seen standing next to an outdoor sofa – printed in a nostalgic light gray check. The pattern instantly evokes memories of bygone summers – but this light-gray colorway brings it firmly to the contemporary day. Is it enough to start a new outdoor furniture movement, however? Design experts suggest so.

According to Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, vintage patterns, much like this check, are in growing demand this 2023 – especially when it comes with a modern twist like Ayesha and Stephen’s pared-back gray sofa.

‘Old school patterns are showing up in new ways, as younger generations of Grandmillennials and Cottagecore-enthusiast Gen Z shoppers seek to create cozy, eclectic and nostalgic interiors,’ she says.

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‘These patterns bring an air of sophistication and refinement to contemporary spaces while maintaining a sense of playfulness and individuality,’ Dayna comments.

And this translates beyond garden trends and in terms of interiors, too. ‘In the last three months, we’ve seen a staggering  1,041% increase in searches for embroidered botanical items, while searches for vintage wallpaper are up 162%,’ she says, as another example of another classical revival.

In specific terms of Ayesha and Stephen’s sofa trend, however, Dayna is not alone in her admiration.

‘Checkered pattern is considered a classic print, and I could see it trending this summer. Classic patterns become timeless, and when properly used in a space, you can create both a modern or traditional aesthetic,’ adds Las Vegas-based designer Monica Rivas.


Ayesha and Stephen Curry

Ayesha and Stephen Curry

To style a sofa like Ayesha and Stephen’s, the designer recommends pairing it with dark green accents (through plants), just as the couple has done. ‘Meanwhile, accent pillows with small textured patterns would pair well with clean, sleek line furniture for a nice modern look.’

Decorating with checks is a wonderful way to bring color and pattern into the home. With designs ranging from buffalo plaid to tartan, checks are incredibly versatile as they work with so many other prints and can complement both traditional and contemporary schemes.


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