Ayesha Curry now regrets giving so much social media exposure to daughter Riley

Ayesha Curry now regrets giving so much social media exposure to daughter Riley

She opened up on this parenting challenge

Ayesha Curry with her and Steph's children

Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry have three children and the oldest, Riley, is now 10 years old, while Ryan is seven and Canon is four.

When it comes to the way they’ve raised RileyAyesha Curry now wishes that she and her husband had adopted a slightly different approach when it comes to social media.

Earlier in the Golden State Warriors player’s career, Riley often made appearances alongside Curry and joined him for some post-game celebrations.

Now, the parents wonder if exposing Riley in that way was the right thing to do, given how social media has developed over the years.

“When the social media thing started, nobody knew what that was going to become,” Ayesha Curry said in an interview with Insider.

“If we had known back in the day just how chaotic it would make life, I don’t think we would’ve done it, but we were just genuinely living our lives back then and thought ‘This is our kid, we’re bringing our kid along’.

“Where’s the middle ground, where we’re strict, but we’re also allowing our kids to experience life?

“We’re trying to figure out what that balance is. Just kind of learn as you go, right?”

Who is Riley Curry, the daughter of Ayesha and Steph Curry?

Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry met when they were teenagers in North Carolina and they got married in 2011, when they were 23 and 22 respectively.

In 2012, their first child, Riley, was born, before Ryan came in 2015 and Canon in 2018.

Riley is now 10 years old, but she first entered the spotlight when she was just two and sat on her father’s lap during a press conference.

Although her parents now try to keep her away from the spotlight a little more, she still appears in some of their social media posts.

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