Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira has had a considerable impact on the musical landscape of Latin America and further afield.

Further to this her career has seen longevity and cultural reach that has enabled Shakira to be a socially, culturally, and politically influential figure across the world.

This has culminated in her receiving the honorific nickname of the Queen of Latin Music. Is considered the most recognisable face of Latin music around the world With 95 millions of records sold, she is the best-selling Latin female artist of all time.

Her impact is felt not only through her popularisation of Spanish Music, but also through introducing the culture, rhythms, and musical heritage of the Latin community on a global stage. Throughout her career Shakira has been noted for introducing musical genres, instruments, and techniques from across Latin America,

The Middle East, and other regions to a wider audience. Various media describe Shakira as an artist who makes Latin American culture visible in across the world and credit her for opening the doors of the international industry to Latinos.