Did Kevin Durant stare down Rihanna as he hits a three pointer?


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KEVIN Durant was white-hot during the Golden State Warriors’ Game 1 victory over the Cavaliers, and he made sure to let Rihanna know about it.

Everyone's Going Crazy Over Kevin Durant Staring Rihanna Down | News | BET

The pop star, who’s a well-known fan of LeBron James, seemed to be throwing a lot of shade at Durant, who dropped 38 points in the opener of the 2017 NBA Finals.

First, it looked like Rihanna’s friend yelled ‘brick!’ at Durant as he shot free throws in the third quarter. The ‘Umbrella’ star was seemingly leaning into her friend, egging her on.

Did Kevin Durant stare down Rihanna after three pointer? | Daily Mail Online


Then, there appeared to be another attempt at throwing shade at Durant and the Warriors, with Rihanna bowing toward James.

If that didn’t cause enough of a stir, a Warriors fan sitting behind Rihanna urged her to sit down. So, she dabbed on him.

Finally, late in the fourth quarter — the Warriors holding an big, insurmountable lead — Durant hit a three-pointer in transition.

He then turned toward Rihanna, and stared deep into her soul.

The tension between the pair is palpable.

The tension between the pair is palpable.Source: AP

Postgame, Durant denied staring Rihanna down:

However, there is a history here.

It takes all the way back to 2014.

KD may deny it, but there’s ample evidence to suggest this is a thing. Not really the head-to-head we expected see in these Finals.

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