Easy Money: Kevin Durant Stars In Drake’s Nike NOCTA Basketball Campaign


Kevin Durant and Drake hold a special kinship, honoring each other’s craft with the utmost respect for over a decade. From Drake’s two shout-outs of the two-time Finals MVP in past songs to being credited as an A&R on Drake’s latest full-length LP “For All The Dogs”, Drake and Durant remain interconnected through the cultural avenues of sport. In the next evolution of the two’s friendship and partnership, Drake has enlisted the Grim Reaper as the muse for his latest NOCTA clothing collection centered around basketball apparel.

Playing off of his “Easy Money” nickname that’s served as his IG handle for well over a decade, Durant is captured within his Arizona-based home using a NOCTA-branded vacuum cleaner to clean up a litany of dollar bills that have littered the floor. Surrounded by stacks of $100, $50 and $20 bills, Durant is found suited from head-to-toe in the ensuing capsule collection. Sporting a velour travel jacket with Swarovski crystal-filled Swooshes, the NOCTA branded engineered knit tights peek through from behind the lightweight basketball shorts draped in a baby blue hue. The ensuing collection will also include basketball jerseys, shooting sleeves, headbands, pre-game jackets, socks and warm-up pants; spanning the full breadth of a basketball player’s game-day wardrobe.

The NOCTA Basketball collection is currently available now at nocta.com while a SNKRS release has been scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10 am ET. Given the mass amount of apparel, the upcoming collection will most likely see a release at nike.com in the ensuing days. In the meantime, check out Durant’s appearance in the latest NOCTA collection below.

For silhouettes tooled for the hardwood, James Harden recently debuted the Harden Vol. 8.

Drake Recruits Kevin Durant For Nike NOCTA Basketball Campaign | HipHopDX

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