“From Curls to Bangs: A Look at Shakira’s Hair Evolution Through the Decades”

The evolution of Shakira throughout the years has been a source of pleasure for us. We admire her for continuously striving to improve herself and the world around her. However, can we talk about her hair for a moment? It’s absolutely stunning, and it always seems to look perfect no matter how she styles or wears it. We’ve gathered photographic evidence of Shakira’s fabulous mane over the years, and it’s worth taking a look at.
When you picture Shakira in your mind, you probably imagine her with long, thick hair – it’s her signature look. But have you ever thought about what color or style it might be? Did you know she used to have dreadlocks? Shakira has experimented with many different colors and styles over the years, and she looks gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair. So, take a moment to browse through our collection and marvel at Shakira’s incredible hair journey.

– Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares and Johanna Ferreira.

Back in 1997, Shakira appeared quite distinct from her current look. She had a lovely natural hair color, which enhanced her appearance. During that time, she was also rejoicing in the triumph of her hit song, “Estoy Aquí.”

Back in 1999, Shakira sported a bold new hair color – red! This new look transformed her into a rockstar, with her crimson locks adding a fun and playful edge to her appearance.

Back in 2002, Shakira made the bold decision to rock a two-toned hair color with blonde and black strands. It was a unique and daring choice that brought to mind Christina Aguilera’s edgy look during her “Dirrty” era. A picture of Shakira sporting this hairstyle was shared on 4/21.

Shakira went for a stunning golden hue back in 2005, and it suited her perfectly. Let’s be honest though, does anything ever look bad on her? She just seems to have that special something that makes everything work.

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Back in 2006, Shakira decided to shake things up by bringing back the red hair tones. Her new hair color and style were a hit among fans, giving her an old-school Hollywood star look reminiscent of the legendary Rita Hayworth. It’s clear that this was a bold move that paid off.

Back in 2009, Shakira flaunted her gorgeous long hair styled in a stunning blowout. Her hair was so luscious that it could give Rapunzel a run for her money.

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane to 2011 when Shakira rocked a new hairstyle featuring side bangs and gorgeous waves. She debuted this look while being honored on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it definitely gave off some Madonna vibes with her blonde shade. It’s always fun to see celebrities switch up their hairstyles and we can’t wait to see what Shakira does next!

Shakira totally slayed her bob hairstyle back in 2011. It was a bold move that paid off because she looked absolutely stunning with it. The straight and sleek cut really worked wonders for her, making her look like a total firecracker.

Shakira rocked her beautiful curls back in 2013 and we absolutely adored it! She decided to embrace her natural look and it was a definite hit. Her curls are truly a blessing and we hope to see more of it in the future. This look is a definite 10 out of 10!


Back in 2014, Shakira made quite a splash on the red carpet with her flawless blond highlights that were just the right amount of subtle. The combination of different shades of blond created an amazing level of depth and dimension to her hair. Can it get any better than this?

Shakira’s pink hair is simply amazing. Back in 2017, she rocked this look and managed to make us all fall in love with it. We’re assuming it was a wig since her hair went through so much processing, but she still looked absolutely stunning. It’s definitely a color that suits her well.

Shakira briefly joined the silver hair trend and looked stunning. Although it’s likely that she wore a wig, her platinum and purple hair during a photo shoot in February 2017 was amazing. She pulled off the bangs and style perfectly.

Shakira has once again sported her fiery red locks as seen in her recent Instagram post. The photo was taken on the set of her music video “Perro Fiel” back in 2017, with the caption that reads “Redheads have more fun”. However, we believe that Shakira always has a great time, no matter what shade her hair is.

I have this recurring dream where I’m hanging out with Shakira. Recently, I came across a photo she posted on Instagram right before the release of her album El Dorado in 2017. In the picture, she’s sporting a hairstyle that reminds me of the character Jeannie from the show I Dream of Jeannie. It’s such a cute look!

Shakira enjoyed a relaxing spa day to celebrate the success of her album, El Dorado, topping the worldwide charts in May 2017. She didn’t worry about her messy hair and simply let it down for a carefree day.

Check out this amazing backstage photo of Shakira with her side-swept hairstyle! This was taken back in 2017 when she rocked the stage at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Her hair and bangs are simply phenomenal, giving her an overall stunning look!

Shakira’s Hair Styling Process
We often only witness the end result of Shakira’s perfectly styled hair, but in August 2018 she revealed what goes on behind the scenes. Despite having numerous clips in her hair, she still manages to look flawless.

In October 2018, Shakira proved that she’s a natural beauty by showing off her beach waves on Instagram. She effortlessly rocked waves in her hair while riding the waves at the beach. Who needs styling tools when nature can do it all for you?

Wow, Shakira was absolutely stunning with her auburn hair during her 2018 performance in Chile for an audience of 50,000 people. She looked like a true goddess!

Looking like a delicious caramel treat, Shakira makes an effortless appearance in her Instagram post. Despite the caption revealing that she was woken up early in the morning by a singing frog, her natural beauty shines through with her coffee in hand and stunning caramel-colored hair. It’s no wonder she looks as though she had a good night’s sleep!

Shakira is absolutely gorgeous in 2019 with her new brunette hair color. She recently collaborated with Pandora and we saw pictures of her sporting a rich chocolate shade with beautiful golden highlights all over her hair. It’s safe to say that she looks absolutely stunning!

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