From Travis Scott to Cardi B, from Houston to NYC, examines how the hottest rappers represent their hometown

At this juncture, the NBA and rap are so intertwined that they practically occupy the same space. Their stars attend the same parties, date the same celebrities, and endure the same vices and insecurities, in addition to having a substantial number of identical admirers. Rappers perform poorly in basketball, the majority of NBA players compose poor raps, and both receive these insults on Twitter.

Rappers have even achieved the status of cultural icons, mirroring the progression of NBA franchises. The Nets, Lakers, and Raptors mirror the manner in which their respective native rappers represent their cities. Jay-Z resides in Brooklyn. Kendrick resides in Los Angeles. Drake resides in Toronto. Additionally, Kentucky. Additionally, Houston.)

However, similar to any long-married couple, the factions eventually become vexingly similar. Rappers and their local teams have had a lengthy history together; in fact, their narratives are identical. You were unaware that Big Sean was the Stan Van Gundy of the rap genre? Cardi B and J. Cole are examples of contemporary hip-hop artists who maintain ties with their native teams.

J. Cole

Big Sean

Travis Scott

Rick Ross




2 Chainz


Cardi B

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