Celeb Halloween costumes have officially started. While most people wait until at least the weekend before Halloween to bust out costumes, Hailey Bieber is getting a jump start on things. She shared a photo of herself dressed up as a vampire in the middle of this collection of photos from October:

Here’s the pic in question if you don’t feel like scrolling. Bieber is wearing a red corset with off-the-shoulder bell-shaped lace sleeves—a look she paired with a teeny-tiny fur skirt.

In other Hailey Bieber news, her husband Justin Bieber just dropped $5,000 turning a sentimental text she sent him into a giant art piece. The text reads: “I miss you. Miss your smile, miss your laugh, miss your hugs, miss your kisses, miss your jokes, miss making love, miss being in your arms, 😭.”