HEROIC DAD LeBron James fights back against people who say bad things about his son Bronny

People always have nice things to say and bad things to say about LeBron James’s basketball career. He usually just shrugs off any comments about his play.

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When it comes to his family, though, he won’t keep quiet. He will fight for his son Bronny when the same sounds are after the kid.

It makes sense for LeBron to feel extra protective of Bronny right now since Bronny is still recovering from a heart attack earlier in 2023.

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It’s not clear yet when he’ll be able to play basketball for USC again, but that is the goal.

What do you think is wrong with Bronny James?

A lot of people who don’t like Bronny have said that he isn’t as fast as LeBron was at the same age.

Others, though, think he’s just as good because he’s doing well even though he’s smaller.

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LeBron James then quoted a tweet that talked about the same idea.

“To say Bronny is just as athletic or if not more than Bron was at his age isn’t wild, as he’s doing this at 6’2 not 6’8,” a person said.

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After citing that post, LeBron went on the attack to support his son’s play.

That’s exactly right, he’s right there at that age, the LA Lakers player said.

“The casuals just like to argue about s**t they literally don’t know about.”

Fans are looking forward to Bronny’s return.

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Lots of people are interested in Bronny and his work, even before he started having health problems that slowed him down.

Many scouts believe he has what it takes to be a great NBA player, even if they don’t know who his father is.

They also believe he will be a unique player compared to LeBron. He isn’t as big as his dad, but he plays tough sports.

Along with that, he knows a lot about basketball and could become a great player.

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