In 2001, LeBron James and Savannah met for the first time, It was their 10th wedding anniversary, and Savannah told him to shut up right away

Savannah’s crazy ode to The King at this year’s ESPYs gave a hint of how emotional she can be. When she heard that LeBron James had scored more points than anyone else in NBA history, it made her cry. Savannah’s epic love story put The Chosen One on the map long before they became a power couple and hit that coming-of-age moment.

In 2001, the first step was taken. LeBron James was already a basketball star at St. Vincent-St. Mary when he was in high school, and Savannah Brinson was a great softball player and dancer. Chance brought these two people together, but it worked out for the best. James and Brinson’s first date was not the start of their love story.

When Savannah found out that LeBron had asked a common friend for her number, the look on her face was priceless.

Savannah talked about this in a recent interview, and she said, “I’m like, um, nope.” Please take his number. One day I’m just sitting here, bored or whatever, and I remember, “Oh, I forgot!” I have his phone number, so I can call him. Let’s try it, since he seemed interested. Then she called him, and they set up a time to meet.

Their first date was great, but what happened the next day really made Savannah fall in love with him.

LeBron gave her the food that was left over from dinner the night before. This showed her how caring he was right away. This small act of kindness set the stage for a lasting bond. Even though they met in high school, the couple made an unbreakable bond that has kept them deeply in love for the past ten years.

LeBron James got to the top of the NBA very quickly. Savannah was there for him when he made the huge jump from high school to the NBA. LeBron and Savannah had to deal with the stress of being famous and being watched by the public in order to keep their relationship strong.

Even though LeBron and Savannah James are stars in the NBA, they have stayed true to their roots. They care a lot about helping people and often use their stage to bring attention to important social issues. Their willingness to help other people says a lot about who they are and how much they want to change the world for the better.How LeBron and Savannah James met by chance in high school and became husband and wife is a story that will live on forever.

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