A few days ago the Colombian artist Shakira was invited to a forum prior to the Billboard Awards and there she opened her heart about some details of her life that not many knew. It should be remembered that the singer was absent for a long time because she was living in Barcelona with her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and her two children Milan and Sasha.

Now she has resumed her career and her life, since she moved to Miami where she has been seen much fresher and calmer, in addition to sharing with her friends and followers who have supported her since the beginning of her .

Shakira returned to the ring with songs like ‘Te Felicito’, ‘Monotonía’, ‘Music Sessions #53’, ‘TQG’ and recently with ‘El Jefe’; Each of these has been a story of what she experienced in the process of separation from her, how she realized Piqué’s infidelity with Clara Chía and her evolution of the ‘tusa’.

Due to the great reception that her lyrics have had and also the records that she has managed to obtain in recent months, the Barranquilla native was invited to a forum prior to the Billboard Awards and there some details of her life came to light. intimate of her.

One of the questions they asked the Colombian woman caught attention since she claimed that it was the craziest thing that had ever happened to her. It turns out that in the middle of a concert she chipped a tooth, something that not much knew but she didn’t want to go into detail either but she did say: “I still don’t believe it.” In addition, she claimed that she had suffered several falls in the middle of her presentations.

Then they asked her if she had any guilty food and drink, since her figure reflects that she has a fairly strict diet; However, the Barranquilla woman assured that she loved brownies and that soda was something that she had not been able to get out of her life.

One of the things that Shakira also stated in her conversation with Billboard is that she is now really enjoying being in the recording studio since it is a place where she can express her emotions and then please her audience and deliver the best of her talent.