King Halloween! LeBron James and Savannah James Shows Off His Incredible Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Although LeBron James is regarded as one of the greatest athletes in NBA history, his Halloween costumes have consistently surpassed those of all his competitors. This time around, nothing had changed. 

Tuesday, James documented his 2023 costume on Instagram, where he was dressed as the titular character Beetlejuice from the blockbuster 1998 film. James, 38 years old, complemented his eerie makeup with a wig and a red tuxedo for effect. 

Savannah, his wife, assisted him while donning a Miss Argentina costume. Miss Argentina, who is depicted in the film as the secretary in the Netherworld waiting room, was deceased.  

However, in an attempt to personalize the costume, the mother of three wore a sash that stated “Mrs. Akron Ohio.” The delighted couple, who are from Ohio, has established an exceptionally high standard for couples’ attire this year. 

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