King James & AD can’t keep Lakers, Short-handed Lakers can’t keep Magic off glass in losing effort

Coach Jamahl Mosley of Orlando stated that the data is currently insufficient for a team to conduct meaningful statistical analysis.

However, Mosley stated prior to Saturday’s matchup with the Lakers that trend recognition is never premature. Furthermore, the team that his magic defeated is confronted with a single trend.

Against the Magic, the Lakers were largely uninspired in Orlando, a team afflicted by an assortment of issues as they fell 120-101. They installed shoddy displays. Their offensive cadence was inadequate, and they relied excessively on isolation. They had difficulty completing their rounds. They were defeated by the underbelly and were unable to prevent dribble penetration.

However, the Lakers were dominated on the glass by Orlando, which extended possession after possession as they stood with arms at their sides and palms on their hips. This is the most prevalent trend at this time.

Each of the Magic’s 19 offensive rebounds that contributed to their 36 second-chance points was a game-breaker for the Lakers defense, which was already struggling to get stops.

Six games into the season, opponents have outscored the Lakers 117-54 on second-chance points, a debilitating deficit that has demanded their attention in every contest.

Receipts cannot be planned. You must be motivated to obtain the damn object. After the loss, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham stated, “Pure and simple.” “If your opponent is in your area, the shot increases; you must get hits, pile bodies on bodies, and be the most aggressive player toward the ball.” Such is it. “I am at a loss for strategies to generate additional rebounds.”

Ham stated that it is straightforward.

“In essence, the game hinges on one’s mental approach.” “With their effort and energy, they outworked us,” Ham remarked. “As a result of that sweat and determination, they witnessed the ball go in.” They executed exceptionally well by playing continuously and quickly, covering for one another on defense, and hammering us on the glass. We have taken an enormous, enormous stride backwards with regard to our defensive rebounding.”

The Lakers were once more short-staffed for the second consecutive game; their regular rotation struggled mightily.

Gabe Vincent will be sidelined for a minimum of two weeks due to knee inflammation. The Lakers have attributed Taurean Prince’s absence for his second consecutive game to “patellar tendinitis.” Rui Hachimura remains under protocol for concussions. Further, his recovery from a heel injury has restricted Jarred Vanderbilt to stationary on-court activity.

Furthermore, rookie Jalen Hood-Schifino has been sidelined since the latter part of the preseason due to a knee hyperextension.

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