Dallas Mavericks superstar Kyrie Irving shares a championship ring with LeBron James. Together, these two historically took down the Golden State Warriors in 2016 en route to leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first-ever franchise title.

A chip is not the only thing Irving shared with LeBron. According to Kyrie himself, he firmly believes that he is at the same level as James when it comes to his status in the sneaker game — along with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

The Mavs guard recently came across a random tweet asking who has the highest-selling signature shoe apart from the holy trifecta of MJ, Kobe, and LeBron. Irving could not resist, and he just had to throw in his name out there:

“My signature line made the previous brand I was with over 2.6 Billion in Revenue the past 7 years. I can safely say, I am one of them ones out here in the competitive shoe market, dominating. And not to be arrogant, Go Ask around, the kids that grew up wearing/buying my shoes know, respectfully I am that guy because of the Support WORLDWIDE,” Kyrie wrote in his tweet.



To be fair, he isn’t lying here. I’m not entirely sure about the $2.6 billion he raised for Nike, but the fact still remains that Irving’s signature line with the sportswear giant has got to be one of the most successful sub-brands in the history of sneakers.

Unfortunately, this highly-lucrative partnership came to an end not too long ago. Nike decided to cut ties with Kyrie right at the peak of his anti-Semitic controversy last year. As it turns out, not even $2 billion was enough for Nike to keep the enigmatic point guard on their payroll.