Lakers Offer 39-Year-Old LeBron James 3-Year, $162M Contract, Fans React

LeBron James might be 39 years old, but he is still playing at an elite level never seen before at that age. However, when most players decline rapidly, the all-time leading scorer’s focus on conditioning and recovery could help him continue to play at this high level for a few more years. The Los Angeles Lakers know that and have been rumored to be willing to maximize his play time until he retires.

Reports from ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin suggest that the 17-time Champions are looking to offer a 3-year $162 million contract. That is once their leading superstar declines his player option in a few days. Such a contract will help him get paid Super Max-level money until the age of 41. However, it could also throttle the Los Angeles Lakers in their pursuit to get other pieces around them to win their 18th NBA Title. More importantly, the Lakers are moving into uncharted territory as no 40-year-old has performed at the level that James has done this past season.

Therefore, the biggest question is if he can maintain that level of production in the last few years of his career. Yes, the NBA is easier to tackle in this era. But at that age, generally, the body starts to break down. LeBron James knows how to keep his body in top shape. But it still brings the questions on sustainability.

They just signed JJ Redick to be their head coach for the long term. If giving this contract to his podcast partner proves detrimental not only to their current goals but also to their desire to be competitive in the long run, they will not be able to blame James down the line.

Fans know this deal could go either way. If LeBron James does end up netting them a championship, then this payout will be justified. If they do not, then the Los Angeles Lakers could impede their chances of retooling after their superstar retires. Therefore, it is the risk of the investment that has caught fans off-guard.

They took to social media to discuss both angles and even give their opinions. Check out some of those reactions below;

LeBron James with his play and his marketability can justify that high salary. But he could have taken a pay cut so that other superstars could join the Los Angeles Lakers and try for NBA Titles.

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