Lana Rhoades: Unveiling the Controversy Surrounding Her Relationship with Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the popular basketball players in the NBA. Recently, he came in the headlines of the newspapers about its crazy date. He tried to show his skills outside the pitch by dating an adult star, Lana Rhoades. However, he made a big mistake of bringing another backup woman for dating, if it didn’t work out with Lana. So, here we will discuss both of them and their funny dating.

Who Is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades is a model from America and also an adult movie actress. She was born on September 6, 1996, in Illinois, and got married soon at the age of 18. He married Jon but divorced after being together for five years. 

Then, she wanted to be a part of the adult movie industry and thus, moved to Chicago. Here, he met a YouTuber, Mike Majlak, and started dating him. However, this relationship too didn’t last long. Finally, in 2018, she decided to end her career in the adult film industry. She decided to concentrate on her personal projects.

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Lana Opens Up About Her Date:

Though the 33-year-old star, Kevin tried to hide his personal life from the media, Lana opened up about him recently. She attended the recent podcast of ‘3 Girls 1 Kitchen’ where she spoke about her dating experience with Kevin.

At first, she gave some clues about the person, as an athlete and Brooklyn Nets player. Then, she didn’t share his name openly but also said that the person’s sun sign is also a Libra. From these clues, fans tried to get the details of the mysterious person. They got finally that it was none other than Kevin Durant.

It is easy to guess the person is Kevin, as he is the only player in his team to be a Libra’s sun sign. Lana had a terrible experience during that date and she thought of never having a romance with that person again.

The Terrible Dating Experience:

Lana Rhoades Kevin Durant’s date was a complete mess and collapse. The NBA player called her to go out with their friends to watch a game at Barclays Center. Soon after the game, Lana and the player went to have dinner.

However, the athlete with whom Lana went for a date bought another girl, if things didn’t go well with Lana. Additionally, the player gave little attention to Lana. So, the player who invited Lana for a date additionally invited one of the other girls as a backup option. She also said it is not the first time for the date invitation from him.

Furthermore, she added that Lana and the player didn’t hook up on that day. She felt bored of the player to date and also, he is not spicy and hot to date. In fact, Lana and the player did not even chat with each other, and thus, Lana left soon after having dinner.


This is how the date happened between Lana and the NBA player. Surely, this is not a good memory for anyone, as no one wants to be a backup option. Adding to the fact, Kevin is staying single as of now and Lana too in the same position. She broke up with Mike. Kevin dated many girls but didn’t maintain a healthy relationship with anyone so far. Thus, it will not work between the two due to their characters.

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