LeBron James Shares Heartwarming Family Photo Following Son Bronny’s Health Scare During USC Basketball Practice


Earlier this month, James was photographed along with his wife and three children while attending the ESPY Awards.

After his son Bronny, 18, suffered a heart arrest while working out for a basketball game on Monday, LeBron James is showing his family and friends some extra love and support.

James, who is 38 years old, uploaded a picture of himself, his wife, and their three children to Instagram on Thursday. The picture was taken during the ESPY Awards earlier this month. In the picture, LeBron, his wife Savannah, his kids Bronny, 18, and Bryce, 16, and their daughter Zhuri, 8, are all dressed in red, white, and black as they pose on the carpet with their arms around one another.

Lebron with family

The post was captioned by James with a straightforward “.”

Everyone can be seen beaming broadly as Zhuri proudly displays the trophy that was given to her father for his ground-breaking achievement.

Thursday was the day that Bronny was released from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he had been receiving treatment following the cardiac arrest he suffered.

A statement that was published on the website of the center reads as follows: “Thanks to the prompt and effective response by the USC athletics’ medical staff, Bronny James was successfully treated for a sudden cardiac arrest.” “When he arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, he was fully cognizant, and there was no damage to his neurological system. He was also stable. Mr. James received immediate care from highly trained staff, and he has since been discharged to his home, where he is currently resting.

After his son Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest, LeBron James provided an update and stated that everyone is doing well. “Although his workup will be ongoing, we are hopeful for his continued progress and are encouraged by his response, resilience, and the support of his family and community,” James said.

LeBron 'Bronny' James Jr. #0 of Sierra Canyon High School with his father LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

On the same day, James provided an update on the health of his son, adding that things are beginning to look up.

“I would want to express my gratitude to the innumerable individuals who are keeping my family in their thoughts and prayers. We feel you, and I cannot express how thankful I am,” he wrote.

“I hope that everyone is doing well. We are able to keep our family together, keep everyone well, and experience the love that you have for us. I will have more to say when we are ready, but in the meantime, I just wanted to express to everyone how much we appreciate all of your support! “#JamesGang,” James referred to the group.

On Tuesday, a representative for the James family confirmed to PEOPLE that the student-athlete had been transported to the hospital after having a heart attack while working out at the University of Southern California on Monday morning. The cardiac arrest occurred during the athlete’s morning workout.

“Yesterday, as Bronny James was participating in practice, he suffered a heart arrest. Bronny was able to be treated by the medical personnel, and he was then transported to the hospital. He is no longer in critical condition and has been discharged from the intensive care unit. We urge that the James family be given privacy and respect, and we will keep the media informed when new information becomes available.

LeBron James' Son Bronny Is Finally Home After Cardiac Arrest | Parade | marshallnewsmessenger.com

“LeBron and Savannah wish to publicly send their deepest thanks and appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their incredible work and dedication to the safety of their athletes.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the burgeoning basketball sensation was taken to the hospital in an ambulance from the Galen Center at the University of Southern California at approximately 9:26 in the morning, and his condition was deemed to be a Code 3.

In May, Bronny made his commitment to attend the university in Southern California, and his father, who played for the Lakers, expressed how pleased he was of his oldest son.

“To begin, I would want to offer my sincere congratulations to Bronny on the choice he has chosen. “Not only am I extremely proud of him, but so is the rest of our family,” he said. “For me personally, it is even more special to me because it is the first time someone out of my family is going to college,” she said. Clearly, I did not continue my education beyond high school.

LeBron James Shares Update After Son Bronny's Health Scare | POPSUGAR Celebrity

It’s a moment that fills me with pride to watch my kid graduate from high school and head off to college for the first time in our family’s history. He summarized his feelings by saying that he was “super duper proud, super emotional, but just super duper excited and happy for his journey.”

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