LeBron James’ streak of scoring in double digits is already longer than Michael Jordan’s entire career.


The debate over who the GOAT of the NBA will likely exist for years between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. While James hasn’t won as many titles as Jordan in the NBA, he’s proven himself to be the GOAT with his incredible longevity achievements.  

One of those achievements is his streak of scoring 10 points or more in the last 1,151 games of his career, the longest in NBA history by a lot. James’ streak of 10-point games is longer than MJ’s career, where he played just 1,072 games over 15 years in the NBA.  

James has ensured this incredible stat continues beyond this season, after scoring 10 points or more in every appearance during the regular season. His streak could’ve possibly been challenged by someone like Luka Doncic, but he got hurt in a game and had to sub out with 0 points and not be in the running anymore.

The second-longest streak of double-digit points does belong to Jordan, who had 866 such games, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 787 games with this streak. 

LeBron James Taking A Step Towards Surpassing Michael Jordan

Even though more and more people start believing in LeBron James as the GOAT with every passing season, most people are still Team Jordan because of everything MJ did in the league. 

It’s hard to argue against a 6-0 Finals record, but LeBron is doing his best to accumulate enough success over a longer period for his case. We have never seen a player like MJ in terms of pure dominance, but we have never seen a player like LeBron in terms of a player being in his prime for 20 seasons. Their playoff records are impeccable as well.

If the Lakers could pull off an incredibly unlikely title win in the 2023 season, many fans will have to rethink their decision. Even if James lost 6 NBA Finals, the fact that he’s been there as often and as consistently as he has over his career is incredible.   

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