LeSon! Bronny James Wears a Dior Slip-On Shoe and a Custom Suit with Crossed Chrome Hearts for Prom

Bombers and Bombshells, the time of year has come: prom! Teenagers everywhere, including the offspring of professional athletes, are preparing for their big departure.

Lebron James Jr., or Bronny as he’s more commonly known, is just one of several teenagers that went all out for prom. Lebron and Savannah James’s son Bronny is no stranger to donning a uniform. His dad has proven to be an all-star in athletics and style, while his mother is known to pull a look herself.

Bronny donned a tailored Chrome Hearts suit and the Dior Timeless loafer to the gala.James Jr., who was styled by celebrity stylist Icon Billingsley, wore the suit shirtless and piled on silver jewelry to draw attention to the Chrome Hearts crosses woven into the fabric.

Bronny’s mother, who was wearing a stylish Prada ensemble, posed for pictures with him before the graduation party.

Bronny James Rocks Chrome Hearts to Prom

James Bronny dressed to impress at the prom.

оn Sundаy, Sаvаnnаh Jаmes, the teen’s mоther, pоsted imаges оf her sоn tо Instаgrаm weаring а Chrоme Heаrts suit tо prоm. “Prоm 2023,” Sаvаnnаh jоtted dоwn. I dоn’t knоw whаt tо sаy аbоut this.Without a collared shirt, Bronny sported the all-black suit emblazoned with the black and white crosses that are the band’s trademark. Silver jewelry adorned his wrists and fingers, and he appeared to be sporting a pair of Dior loafers. Cameron Look, who has become famous for his photographs of the biggest personalities in basketball, took Bronny’s prom images.It wаs аnnоunceԀ eаrlier this mоnth thаt LeBrоn Jаmes’s kiԀ wоulԀ be аttenԀing USC аnԀ plаying bаsketbаll fоr the Trоjаns. He pоsteԀ а phоtо оf himself in а USC lоcker rооm аlоngsiԀe the cаptiоn, “Fight оn #cоmmitteԀ,” оn Instаgrаm.

In high school, Bronny was a shooting guard for the Sierra Canyon Cougars. He was apparently debating between USC, Ohio State, and Oregon, but ultimately decided to remain in California to be closer to his family.

Announcing his son’s arrival was “one of the best days of my life,” LeBron remarked. “To begin, let me offer my sincere felicitations to Bronny on the basis of his choice. I am really proud of him, as is his entire family. … I did not pursue higher education. The fact that my son is the first in his family to attend college fills me with pride. I am incredibly proud of him, moved to tears by his success, and just plain giddy about where his adventure will take him. An honorable day has arrived. I simply couldn’t afford to lose this game today.


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