The sneaker culture has been well, alive, and never left. That is all thanks to a man from the Chicago Bulls and the USA Dream Team that goes by the name of Michael Jordan. Huge demand for his sneakers has made prices considerably high, especially for game-worn shoes. None have sold at a higher price than his sneakers in Space Jam, until now.The Air Jordan VII Dream Team colorway worn by the Chicago Bulls himself is priced at $75,000 and it could still shoot up. Estimated valuations of the sneakers have gone up from $100,000 to $300,000, per Grant Gubbs of On 3.

These shoes are probably the most legendary Michael Jordan game-worn memorabilia any fan would want. The storyline had been discussed in The Last Dance. Egos were clashing between the Dream Team, the Isiah Thomas drama kicked in, and they won the gold medal. The game-worn Air Jordan VII Dream Team shoes have seen a lot of basketball history and are definitely worth a cop.

The shoot-up in prices for the Chicago Bulls legend’s merchandise has been very rampant. Karl Malone held an auction with other Dream Team memorabilia. The most expensive item sold was, unsurprisingly, a Michael Jordan jersey. Its price amounted to $3,030,000 and went to the highest bidder. Another pair of Air Jordans was also auctioned off and that was worth a staggering $450,000.

Sneaker culture and memorabilia collection has been booming for retired NBA Players. Would you have copped these items given that you had the assets to do so?