NBA Fans Protect LeBron James After Instagram Star Sofia Franklyn Accused Him Of Cheating On His Wife Savannah

LeBron James has made the headlines in recent hours and not precisely for basketball-related topics. Amid a tumultuous start to the 2022-23 NBA season, the King finds himself involved in serious allegations that could affect his personal life and the way he lives his life. 

During a recent edition of her Sofia with an F podcast show, Sofia Franklyn made some big accusations against LeBron, saying that he was a cheater who used NDAs to keep his cheating private. 

“LeBron James has various parties constantly where NDAs need to be signed, and women are at. You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron’s a cheata?” 

This is already serious, and perhaps the NBA superstar’s legal team will take care of this, but fans are already calling out Franklyn for trying to get her five minutes of fame at the expense of LeBron. 

NBA Fans Come In LeBron James’ Defense After He Was Accused Of Cheating On His Wife Savannah


After these claims were made, many fans reacted to it, protecting LeBron against the accusations and calling out Sofia for her comments. 

LeBron James has never been involved in any type of cheating scandal whatsoever. The 4x NBA champion has earned a terrific reputation due to the way he manages himself and how much he loves and respects his wife Savannah. 

Even though he’s been carrying a lot of pressure since he entered the NBA, Bron has been almost perfect in his private life. We are yet to know and confirm that he’s even thought of cheating on Savannah, which explains why these claims didn’t sit well with anybody around the league. 

This could become a big issue for Franklyn, who really stirred the pot with her remarks. LeBron is one of the model athletes in the US and somebody trying to spread fake info about him can get punished severely. 

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