‘One of Our Favorite People,’ Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson Say About Their European Yacht Vacation Host Chef for Dinner

Magic Johnson has not yet returned from his vacation!











The 64-year-old NBA great and his wife Cookie Johnson welcomed one of their “favorite people” to dinner on Wednesday, as the couple announced on Instagram.

While on their summer vacation in Europe, the pair reportedly brought Chef Daisy Webster aboard the boat they hired, according to the legend’s followers and fans.

Along with the aforementioned foursome, another Instagram photo shows the Johnsons standing with Webster and her boyfriend. Other photos include the Johnsons’ friends and relatives, including Webster’s boyfriend, Andre, 42, Elisa, 29, and EJ, 31.’”It was a pleasure to host Chef Daisy from the super yacht Phoenix II, her boyfriend Dan, our family, and our friends at Steak 48 last night,” Magic said, adding that Cookie and he were hosting a gathering of their favorite people.Joined by their granddaughters Gigi and Avery, the Johnsons embarked on a transatlantic cruise aboard the 296-foot Phoenix II while on vacation overseas. As a result of his prolific cooking, Webster ensured that everyone had plenty to eat.During the trip, Magic posted an Instagram photo in which she gushed over Webster’s cuisine. The crew of the Phoenix 2 staged a spectacular performance honoring Greek gods and goddesses on the yacht tonight, he revealed. Dressing up and dancing was a blast, and the spread that Chef Daisy made was delicious! Tonight in Greece, there was the most breathtaking sunset.

Magic also applauded the chef’s Asian-inspired dish, in addition to Webster’s Grecian spread.

Daisy, our chef, has been producing an abundance of mouthwatering meals. She was cooking for us last night on the Phoenix 2’s upper deck. “Magic” wrote before outlining an extensive menu that included items such as turkey spring rolls, sweet and sour prawns, General Tso’s chicken, black pepper beef, vegetarian fried rice, and king crab with ginger dressing.The Johnsons’ cruise included ports in Sicily (specifically, San Domenico Palace in Taormina) and Capri, Italy—which just so happens to be the setting for the most recent season of The White Lotus. In an Instagram picture during the couple’s trip to Taormina, Magic revealed this interesting information.A Four Seasons hotel in Sicily, the San Domenico Palace was the location of the basketball star’s family’s enjoyable day, as he documented in an Instagram image from the time. A majority of the hotel’s artwork and relics date back to the 1800s, and here’s an interesting fact: the hotel was the location for filming season 2 of White Lotus! Stay at the hotel and dine at Anciovi if you’re ever in Sicily, Italy!

As the yacht sailed toward Capri, not only did the couple’s children and grandchildren join in on the festivities, but so did Judge Greg Mathis, Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, and their wives.

“I got to hang out with my great friend and the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan, and his wife Yvette, Sam and LaTanya Jackson, Judge Greg and Linda Mathis, and John and Vicki Palmer,” Magic wrote in an Instagram photo showcasing their visit.

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