This heartwarming moment, which was unexpected, served as proof of the enduring friendship between Latin music icons Shakira and Carlos Vives. The backdrop for this reunion was Miami, where Vives was giving a concert as part of his world tour that is currently passing through the U.S.

In a jam-packed crowd at the Kaseya Center, the nostalgic notes of “La Bicicleta,” the 2017 collaboration between these two Colombian powerhouses, filled the venue. As the music began to play, Shakira graced the stage to surprise her friend and deliver her part of the lyrics. A speechless Vives, beaming with a smile, quickly reached to give her a warm and affectionate hug. It was a sweet reunion that left the crowd in awe of their genuine connection.

Shakira responded to the audience’s excitement by dancing with Vives. Yet, those who sang along with them couldn’t help but notice a significant change in the lyrics, she removed Piqué’s name from the song which underscored Shakira’s personal evolution.

The singer’s ex, Piqué, once the muse for songs filled with love, now is fading from her songs. It’s clear she is moving on. Piqué is part of her past, as reflected in the various songs she has dedicated to him in recent months. While the athlete was once the subject of songs where she declared her love for him, Shakira is now determined to erase this trace as much as possible.