Shakira proved to a stubborn soul when she didn’t listen to her team to change lyrics to her song.

During an interview at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Shakira surprised her fans audience with a revelation.

The singer dropped the shocking fact that her team tried to pressure her to rewrite the sexually explicit lyrics of her huge hit duet with Bizarrap.

During the conversation, Shakira expressed her frustration with her staff at the time.

“Leave me alone everyone. I am not a United Nations diplomat, I am an artist. I a woman, I a wounded she-wolf,” she said, making referencing her famous split with former soccer player Pique.

“They told me: ‘You’re crazy, you have to change those lyrics, that can’t be released.”

Shakira specifically called out her ex in the song for treating her poorly and having an affair with Clara Chia.

The Colombian admitted she is still “in love” with her work and feels “very inspired” at the moment.

She said, “There have been stages in which I had to be forced to go to the studio, I had to be dragged there. But it has always played a therapeutic role. I write the most when i’m feeling down.”