Shaquille O’Neal Includes Himself and LeBron James in His Top 10 All-Time NBA Players List

It appears that everyone is currently attempting to compile a list of the finest NBA players of all time. Shaquille O’Neal is the most recent NBA Hall of Famer to offer his opinion on Julius Erving’s controversial list of the top 10 players of all time.

Shaq believes that he is one of the finest NBA basketball players of all time, as he discusses Dr. J’s list and the players he considers to be the best in league history.

“Hey, man, I’ve got no problem with Dr. J’s list,” O’Neal told Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times. “He is the legendary Dr. J. He cleared the path for everyone. Nobody should have a darn thing to say about what he has to say.”

Regarding his all-time starting five, Shaq selected Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and himself. Five more players who would come off the bench were named by him: Stephen Curry, Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, and Isiah Thomas.

“That ain’t no disrespect to Malone, [Charles] Barkley, and Kareem,” O’Neal said, referring to his all-time starting five. “Hey, there it is. Comprehend what I’m saying… Additionally, you must include Kareem on that second roster.”

Shaq, who spent eight seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, included Magic, Kobe, LeBron, and himself on his all-time team. Jordan was the only member of this starting five who did not play in Los Angeles, but who could possibly leave him off their all-time list?

O’Neal has always been a major fan of Curry, which is likely one of the many reasons he included him on this list. Duncan and Malone’s inclusion on Shaq’s list should not come as a surprise.

Whether you concur with him, Dr. J., or someone else regarding the greatest players of all time is ultimately a matter of opinion. There are no requirements for inclusion on these lists, and there are at least 25 players for whom you could make a strong case as being among the finest players in league history.

All of the players on Shaq’s all-time list are NBA legends who contributed to the evolution of the game. As he explained to the Los Angeles Times, this is his inventory, while Dr. J has his own.

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