Her hips ~have never~ lied! Shakira‘s transformation through the years proves she is more gorgeous than ever. The Colombian singer has been in the spotlight for over two decades, and during that time, she’s served up amazing music, drool-worthy dance moves and stunning looks. Whether it’s performing during the halftime show at Super Bowl LIV with Jennifer Lopez or starring in Dancing With Myself with Nick Jonas, the Latin beauty always impresses.

Life & Style exclusively spoke with Shakira’s personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, about how the songstress prepared before her big performance and the Super Bowl in 2020. When it comes to workouts, it’s all about changing it up.

“You know, every day is different,” explained Anna, founder of The AKT. “For instance, today she has a really long day of dance rehearsals. She started the day with a short strength workout because that’s all she could fit in, and she’s going to be really active all throughout the day so we don’t want her to be too tired.”

Shakira’s exercise plan isn’t all about “routine.” It’s setting her up for success whether she’s traveling, vacationing or touring. “I’m really creating a workout program that helps her succeed in whatever activity she has that day. This is a long-term plan,” Anna added. “We’ve been working together for over nine years, and she really is committed to her fitness and wellness.”