Steph Curry Unveils Stylish New Whisky at Upscale Las Vegas Lounge

While the NBA season is several weeks away from commencing, Steph Curry appears to be making the most out of his offseason. With training camp days away, Curry is taking his sweet time by relaxing and enjoying a bottle of whiskey while smoking a fat cigar. Other basketball stars have already begun working on their games, but if you’re a four-time champion like Steph, there’s no need to rush.

A famous hotel bar in Las Vegas, known as “Eight Lounge”, recently posted a picture of Steph Curry on Instagram consuming a bottle of Gentlemen’s Cut Bourbon while smoking a cigar.

Steph Curry’s crazy offseason

Steph Curry has been buzzing all over social media throughout the summer due to his offseason activities. While he’s already established himself as one of the best to ever play basketball, Curry recently solidified his status as a professional golfer. The four-time NBA champion recently won the 2023 American Century Championship.

Winning the title is one thing, but fans were more mesmerized by the way Curry secured the gold. Steph may be known for his long-distance three-point bombs on the hardwood, however, it’s amazing how he can apply his shooting prowess on a golf club. Viral videos of Curry knocking down hole-in-ones exploded on social media and fans were all for it.

Aside from winning a golf championship, we’ve witnessed the most random crossover in recent memory. Last August, legendary rock band Paramore held a concert in San Francisco, the home of the Golden State Warriors. Having that in mind, it’s possible that one of the Warriors players could’ve attended the event. Little did we know that we’d see Curry singing to the tune of Paramore’s songs.

Paramore’s lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, unexpectedly called Curry to the stage to sing a portion of one of their hit songs, “Misery Business.” Many fans were in shock as it was a crossover that nobody expected, given how basketball stars normally participate in rap concerts over rock n’ roll. Nevertheless, it was an iconic moment between both parties, further making Curry’s offseason a wild one.

Fast forward to the present day, we are now only a few weeks from the 2023-24 season. It was fun while it lasted, but fans are now eager to see the Warriors superstar make his return to the hardwood and hopefully bring home another title.

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