Steph Curry’s Hilarious Reaction: The Skeeyee Name Drop That Lit Up the Room

Sexyy Red has landed another win this year, given Steph Curry’s positive reaction to being namedropped in one of her biggest hits.

On Friday (October 20), VIBE shared a portion of its upcoming interview with the Golden State Warriors star, where he discussed being a staple of Hip Hop culture. During the conversation, he singled out a recent shoutout that he found hilarious.

“When Sexxy Red did it, I just started laughing,” he admitted. “I don’t know. I had never seen her at a basketball game.”

The bar he was talking about is from “SkeeYee” and it goes: “My sister in the backseat with a .30/ N-ggas tryna shoot they shot, Stephen Curry.”

The Hip Hop community has expressed a great deal of admiration for the Baby Face Assassin since he began dominating the NBA approximately a decade back. Though he isn’t privy to every instance of it, the four-time champion has tried keeping track of all the love being sent his way.

“One of my teammates were asking me the question, ‘How many times do you think your name’s been mentioned in the song?’” he proceeded. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there’s probably a website or something that could probably count it for you.’ So he went and looked it up and it was like 106 I think at the time, which was wild to me.”

About some of Hip Hop’s biggest name referencing him, Curry said: “Then I started thinking about all the ones that I could remember and it’s either a nickname, like Drake did with ‘Chef Curry with the Pot,’ or I think Future dropped one in the song ‘Mad Max.’

“And it’s funny to see how they rhyme it because either they do a nickname, the short name, they use number 30 or they just go with the whole full name and just try to write something.”

He added: “Future did the whole full name Stephen Curry, which is hilarious because he is trying to rhyme it and flow with it,” he said. “I don’t know, unfortunately, ‘somebody’s shooting something or sharp shooting‘ or whatever the case is… I almost kind of expect it now. They’re going to reference me at some point.”

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