Stephen Curry Clarifies Viral Full-Court Shot Video and Reveals Remarkable 40% Accuracy


Stephen Curry has been doing all sorts of things this off-season. And now, just a month or so removed from the start of the 2023-24 season, he sat down for an interview with Ahmad Rashad. Discussing a number of different things on NBA Rewind, Rashad asked Steph about a viral video of his. In particular, it is the one where Steph took five full-court shots and seemed to make all of them. However, as he revealed, he actually only made 40%, missing three of the five.

The video in question came out in December of 2022. While giving an interview with Sports Illustrated, the Baby-Faced Assassin was filmed taking five full-court shots. Surprisingly, he made all five of them, prompting SI to ask their viewers and subscribers if they were real or fake. Now, nine months later, the four-time NBA Champion has shared the truth about that fateful day.

Stephen Curry reveals he made only 40% of the shots from his viral full-court shot video
A lot of people were shocked when in December, a video of Stephen Curry making full-court shots went viral. Shared by Sports Illustrated, the video showed Steph making five of five. It was an unprecedented phenomenon, and many questioned its legitimacy. In fact, respected sports journalist Ahmad Rashad even bet that all five shots were real.

Unfortunately, Rashad has just lost some money, and he was the first to find out about it. Speaking to Steph, on NBA Rewind, Rashad questioned the Chef about the viral video. Asking if there was any CGI evolved, Rashad couldn’t help but gawk as Curry revealed that it was an edited clip. However, he did make 40% of his shots, hitting two out of the five he took.

Despite this, Steph looks at the video as a compliment. While there were those on the internet who doubted him, there were many who believed that it was real. This is a testament to his reputation as a sharpshooter, and to see so much support is nothing short of pleasing for him.

“So, the fact that it is believable. The fact that I had the internet kind of speculating all over the place about was it real? was it CGI? and all that. All I’m gonna say is, no it wasn’t real, but I did still shoot 40%. I did make two of them. I can verify that, but no it wasn’t all five, I was just having fun with it. And, the fact that it was believable is the ultimate compliment to me!”

That being said, Ahmad Rashad was certainly disappointed to hear the news. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that even the greatest shooter of all time is still human. And, even he is capable of missing a full-court shot every so often. Furthermore, Shaq also tried attempting some similar shots.

Shaquille O’Neal got trolled for trying to replicate Steph’s full-court shot
After Stephen Curry broke the internet with his shot, everyone was trying to replicate it. This includes Shaquille O’Neal, who has nicknamed himself the “Black Steph Curry”. Attempting to make the shot just days after Steph’s video went viral, Shaq failed miserably, and as expected was hilariously trolled. Both by his Inside The NBA crewmates and the wider internet.

To be fair to Shaq, he wasn’t the only one who tried it. As mentioned earlier, there were plenty of others who wanted to do the same. So, it must be encouraging to know that even Steph couldn’t hit all of his shots.

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