Stephen Curry Issues Strong Advice for Cooper Flagg and AJ Dybantsa, Top High School Players at Curry Camp

Warriors star Stephen Curry issues strong advice for Cooper Flagg, AJ Dybantsa, top HS players at Curry Camp

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As Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry prepares the next generation of basketball players in his latest Curry Camp, he shared some valuable and eye-opening advice for the youngsters as they continue to work on their games.

While talent and hard work are important to succeed as a player, Curry emphasized one key factor that the high school stars shouldn’t forget: communication. The Warriors guard highlighted that basketball is still a team game, and so they must learn how to talk on the court and take the lead.

Curry shared his observation that he was the loudest guy on the court in the camp, which is a “problem” for him since it means that the guys he’s teaching are not communicating enough. He later pointed out that “communication is the fabric of the team” and that they should “make your presence felt on every single court that you show up on.”

Stephen Curry couldn’t have said it any better, and as a four-time champion who has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows of professional basketball, he’s more than qualified to give such kind of advice.

Curry knows what it takes to win, and his campers should definitely heed his advice to work on their communication and leadership aside from their game.

Some of the top high school stars in the nation attended the Curry Camp, including the viral Cooper Flagg and 2026 class no. 1 prospect AJ Dybantsa. Hopefully, they will be able to grow further after learning more than just basketball from the Warriors great.


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