Stephen Curry Revels in Joy with Wife and Three Children

Photo from Ayesha Curry’s Instagram

Four-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry decided early on that he wouldn’t pressure his kids into playing sports.

The reason? Curry just wants his kids to enjoy being kids.

“We’re all backyard sports right now,” Curry told PEOPLE. “Nothing too organized. Especially for Canon, he’s only 5. So, we’ve got plenty of time. He’s an all-sports type of dude. But his attention span is just like a 5-year-old’s.”

The NBA star shares daughters Riley, 11, Ryan, 8, and son Canon, 5, with wife Ayesha Curry.

Curry uses playtime with his kids as an opportunity to build them up.

“It’s more just confidence building and their ability to find joy in everything they do,” he said. “I think that’s a huge part of kids these days, not feeling too much pressure on having to be successful or keep up with their counterparts.”

“I’m just trying to make sure that whatever they do, they’re having fun,” he continued. “There’s lots being thrown at them on a daily basis and a lot of perceived pressures. So, I’m trying to make sure they enjoy being a kid and finding joy in everything they do.”

However, Curry’s oldest, Riley, has already begun to think like her father when it comes to sports.

“I’ve introduced pretty much every sport, for the most part, to all of them,” Curry told PEOPLE in July. “And Riley, she’s super into volleyball right now, and a light bulb went off, actually this year, where she’s excited to go to practice and dribbling or passing the ball around the house and all that type of stuff.”

“So she’s found something she loves, and she’s passionate about it, and she loves to work at it,” he explained.

In 2023, Curry and the Golden State Warriors fell short in the playoffs when they lost to the Lakers 4-2 in the series.

Known as one of the greatest shooters in all of NBA history, Curry secured 29.4 points per game last season and already secured a 27-point game against the Phoenix Suns Tuesday night.

This season, Curry is ready to bring the Warriors to an NBA championship.

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Movieguide® previously reported on Curry:

Curry credited “crazy faith” for the astounding achievement of 2,974 three-pointers in 13 seasons and 511 fewer games than Allen.

“I’ve had crazy faith ever since I started playing basketball and to think, like this moment, was possible and again to do it in front of Ray… is special to have one of my own now,” Curry said after the game on TNT.

After the game, Curry received a jersey with the number “2,974” on it from Allen and previous record-holder Reggie Miller.

“This is very special,” Curry added. “I’ve been thinking about this number for a long time. I even got (the number) on my shoes. In basketball history, this is pretty special.”

“These two legends – I watched them growing up and understood what it meant to shoot the ball because of them and my dad… full-circle moment,” Curry said. “I’m blessed – blessed for sure.”


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