Surprising Expectations: Despite NBA’s Largest Contract, Nikola Jokic Anticipates $88 Million Windfall from LeBron James’ Endorsements

Despite Inking Largest NBA Contract at $270 Million, Nikola Jokic Sees an $88,000,000 Gulf From LeBron James in Endorsements

Nikola Jokic is undoubtedly one of the best players in the current generation of the NBA. A versatile center, who consistently proved his worth. As a result, last year, he bagged one of the biggest deals in the league, signing a $270,000,000 contract with the Denver Nuggets. However, despite having such a massive contract, things aren’t exactly peachy when it comes to his endorsements. In fact, as of 2022, as revealed by Sportico, there is a massive $88,000,000 disparity between him and The King, LeBron James when it comes to endorsement money.


Jokic agreed to his massive new five-year contract extension prior to the start of the 2022-2023 season. A contract that, by all means, was well earned. The Nuggets handed him the contract following back-to-back MVP seasons. And, given how the 2022-2023 season ended, they surely have no regrets.

Nikola Jokic only earned $2,000,000 from endorsements compared to LeBron James, who earned $90,000,000

There can be no denying that Nikola Jokic has been one of the best players in the NBA over the last three seasons. This is reflected in the massive $270,000,000 deal he was handed last year. A deal that he earned thanks to his incredible performances and two MVP seasons. But, while he is earning a lot of money playing in the NBA, the same cannot be said about his endorsement earnings.

As of 2022, Joker has earned just $2,000,000 from endorsements. A hefty sum, but one that pales in comparison when compared to that of four-time MVP, LeBron James. The King earned a whopping $90,000,000 from endorsements last year, making a $88,000,000 disparity between himself and Jokic.

But, that’s not all, some of the league’s other MVPs have been raking in the big bucks as well. Last year saw Kevin Durant earn $48 million, Stephen Curry $45 million, James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo $36 million, Russell Westbrook $30 million, Derrick Rose $11 million, and Joel Embiid $6 million.

It’s clear to see that all the big brands have snubbed Jokic. But, now that he has won an NBA Championship, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be earning ludicrous amounts of endorsement money like the other former MVPs.

Gilbert Arenas believes Jokic does not get recognition because his game is not s**y

There are many who believe that Nikola Jokic is criminally underrated. One of them is Gilbert Arenas. The former NBA superstar is a huge fan of the Joker. However, he believes that the 2023 NBA Champion gets little to no recognition when compared to the LeBron Jameses and Steph Currys of the league.

Well, why is that? To hear No Chill Gil say it, it’s all because Jokic’s game is not s**y enough for NBA consumers.

It certainly is an interesting take. And, one that makes a lot of sense. But, while he may not be as flashy as other players, real NBA fans know just how incredible a baller the Serbian superstar is.

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