Every recent song of Shakira’s is getting a huge amount of attention as her fans comb through the lyrics looking for references to the breakup with Gerard Pique.

Her fans were thrilled last week when she released Copa Vacia which features Manuel Turizo. What caught the eye of her fans this time was not so much the lyrics, but the music video.

The Colombian can be seen in an incredibly detailed mermaid costume which many have assumed must have been very expensive to assemble.

The realism of the video is such that many thought it was computer-generated imagery, but more details of the behind-the-scenes footage and the tail Shakira used to bring the mythological being to life have been revealed.

The cost of Shakira’s mermaid tail

The website euopafm.com details that the tail Shakira wore was made by The MerNation, a company dedicated to creating this type of accessory.

According to the prices on the company’s website, their creations cost around 2,000 dollars.

“A few months ago Shakira and her team commissioned us to create a mermaid tail for her new music video Copa Vacia,” the company said in a social media post after the video was released.

“We are honoured to finally be able to share our work with you all as the video has just been released! Check out some video footage of the stunning Shakira with her very own MerNation tail!” the company added in a post showing screenshots of the video