The Las Vegas Grand Prix attracts a star-studded field, including David Beckham and Shaquille O’Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers

David Beckham is just one of many prominent faces that will be at the trackside for Saturday night’s Vegas Grand Prix race.

Nearly three hours prior to the start of the race, Beckham and Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Las Vegas together, as Beckham was holding a party for race night.





The legendary Manchester United and Inter Miami co-owner was joined by his son Cruz, who posed for pictures together before the pair’s Sports Illustrated party.

The world’s fastest man on two feet, Usain Bolt, was also seen making his way to Las Vegas for the season’s second-to-last race.

As an early arrival to the track, Gordon Ramsay—a huge Formula One fan—joined a couple of other influential people.

O’Neal was even hailed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a former player for the Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan.

Even though it was 52 degrees Fahrenheit at the track in the hours leading up to the start, Veronika Rajek’s attire, which was a vibrant shade of purple, left little room for interpretation.

The Miami Dоlphins player Braxtоn Berriоs’s girlfriend and TikTоk sensatiоn Alix Earle was alsо pоsting phоtоs frоm the track.

Following a challenging few days leading up to the showcase event, race organizers arrived in Sin City under a tremendous burden of expectation.

A track drain cover came away during the first practice session, cutting the spectacle short after only eight minutes due to damage to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc, who races alongside Sainz for Ferrari, starts Saturday night from pole position.

Concerns about race week have contributed to disappointing ticket sales.

Although there were a lot of tickets available for Saturday night’s Formula One race on the Ticketmaster website as of early afternoon, secondary-ticket sales were soaring for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

“We will be sоld оut by the time оf the event,” Rаce CEо Renee Wilm guаrаnteed оn Fоrmulа оne Grоup’s eаrnings cаll оn Nоvember 3. The rаce will nоt meet thаt fоrecаst unless there is а drаmаtic surge аt the lаst minute.

The inaugural LVGP wasted little time in selling tickets for the following year, despite the fact that it had a lot of problems both on and off the circuit, which dampened the excitement of racegoers, Las Vegas natives, and drivers alike. The event is scheduled for November 21-23, 2024, and fans can start putting down deposits as early as this Saturday, with the minimum amount being $250.

The lowest priced ticket for Saturday’s race went for $500 when they were first released for sale almost one year ago. Tickets, which started at $200, were eventually made available to a restricted number of Nevada residents.

Despite several setbacks, the secondary market spike in ticket sales on Saturday night’s race also indicates a significant deal of interest.

The lowest-priced ticket was $1,387, according to Gametime’s early Saturday afternoon update. This price is identical to the three-day pass that was available on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the most expensive three-day ticket was $4,613, while on Saturday, the most expensive one-day ticket was $10,635. According to a later report from Gametime, the lowest-price ticket increased once more, this time reaching $1,613.

TickPick has also witnessed a rise. On Monday, it was $771; on Friday, it had risen to $980; and by Saturday afternoon, it had risen to $1,128.

Both BetMGM and Caesars Entertainment have projected record-setting handles for a motor sports race, indicating that betting on this race has been robust from the beginning. If Saturday’s failed attempts to gauge whether or not those expectations were satisfied are any indicator, then those sports-betting companies are in for a huge weekend at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.

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