Will Stephen Curry Play Tonight vs. De’Aaron Fox and the Kings?


The last time that the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors played was during the West Conference playoffs last season when Stephen Curry and Co. took down the Kings. The two rivals will face each other again on Sunday for a match-off at the Golden 1 Center. Warriors will definitely seek to remain undefeated while the Kings will come back to claim a win.

Stephen Curry has played with the Warriors for the two opening preseason games against the LA Lakers. While Draymond Green will sit this one out due to his ankle injury, Curry is expected to gear up for the match against the Kings.

Stephen Curry is all set

Chef Curry also was working on his on-court chemistry with new member Chris Paul, the veteran guard who was traded in earlier this summer. During last season’s match-off, Curry dropped 50 points against the Kings. This season, his focus will shift from destroying the opponents to working around Steve Kerr’s fresh game plan with Chris Paul onboard.

Since Chris is a master ball-handler, we can expect some P&R tactics in the game. The Warriors also have rookie star Brandin Podziemski who has continued to amaze fans, especially Curry, who was impressed by his confidence on the court as well as his game IQ. Coach Steve Kerr has noted that the team’s roster will be structured in such a way as to compensate for the absence of Donte DiVincenzo, who left during the offseason. All in all, the Warriors look good and ready to rumble.

De’Aaron Fox and Co.
The Kings, on the other side, led by starters De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, are expected to make a comeback after a tough launch this preseason. Coach Mike Brown has announced some changes in the lineup, referring to the move as an experiment. Chris Duarte will take Kevin Huerter’s place as a starter. It will be interesting to see Chris in the lineup with Domantas Sabonis, who was a former teammate in the Indiana Pacers.

The Kings have been taking loss after loss this preseason as they are coming off a 112-99 loss against the Toronto Raptors and a 109-101 against the Lakers. After a rough start, they will be looking forward to giving it their all and pocketing a win. We can look forward to Huerter’s offensive plays, but with Coach Mike focusing on improving the team’s defense, Duarte can be expected to be seen more.

Nevertheless, it will be a very exciting game to watch; the Warriors are playing to win, and the Kings are out to take revenge. Who do you think has a better chance of winning? Let us know.

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