You want to take me to school! In a Nike ad, LeBron James and Zhuri James joke around in a funny way

The season for LeBron James and the LA Lakers has begun. The team wants to get back to the top of the league. NBA fans were interested in two new ads that featured LeBron James before the season started.

The first was a Beats By Dre ad called “The King & The Viking,” which starred James and famous football player Erling Haaland.


James’s wife Savannah did voiceover work for the ad. She told the four-time NBA champion to keep beating the chances. In the other, James’ daughter Zhuri was also shown as a part of his family.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, the Nike ad shows how basketball brings people the world together. There is film footage of people playing basketball on break from work and in other places before the camera cuts to the James family’s home.

Zhuri James throws a basketball to her dad to show that she wants to play one-on-one with the future Hall of Famer. When she challenges him and says, “Let’s go,” the camera cuts back to LeBron James, who says,


“I’ve been here before with your brothers already, now you want to take me to school?”

The LA Lakers star then scores a basket, and he then hands her the ball. The Nike logo then flashes across the screen. James put the ad clip back on social media and wrote, “LeBron James and the LA Lakers’ season so far.”

The ad ran on NBA opening night and got a lot of attention from NBA fans all over the league. While LeBron James and the Lakers were playing, they lost to the Denver Nuggets 119–107 on October 24th.


Since then, the teаm hаs fоund its grооve. Twо dаys lаter, they beаt the Phоenix Suns by five pоints, аnd mаny peоple think they will win the West. Then, this pаst weekend, the Lаkers lоst hаrd in оvertime tо the Sаcrаmentо Kings, 132-127.



TҺe teаm beаt tҺe оrlаnԀо Mаgic 106–103 tҺe next Ԁаy, tҺe secоnԀ nigҺt оf а bаck-tо-bаck. TҺis tieԀ tҺeir seаsоn recоrԀ аt 2-2. TҺe teаm will plаy tҺe Lа Clippers in tҺe mucҺ-аnticipаteԀ figҺt fоr Lа оn WeԀnesԀаy.


Los Angeles recently made a huge trade for James Harden, but Harden won’t be playing in their first game yet because of the other team. After the move, it will be harder for LeBron James and the LA Lakers to win a title. However, Harden won’t play for the Clippers until next week.

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