Find out more about Nikola Jokic’s wife, Natalija

Jokic, however, is more likely to highlight his personal achievements, notably those he has made with his wife Natalija Jokic, than his basketball career. Jokic has repeatedly shown his love for his family in interviews and press conferences, stating that hanging out with them is his top non-basketball priority. Nikola has a soft spot in his heart for Natalija Jokic, so let’s learn more about her.


Natalija Jokic’s Journey:


It has been reported that Jokic and Macesic, now known as Natalija Jokic, began dating in 2013 when they were both high school students. It makes sense for Natalija to maintain a low profile given that she is dating NBA star Nikola Jokic. This privacy is all the more noticeable when your significant other is as reserved as Jokic, who is widely regarded as one of the NBA’s most secretive superstars. The 2017 NBA Global Games game between the Denver Nuggets and the Indiana Pacers was the only notable appearance she made while accompanying Jokic to London.



Jokic owes much of his success in the NBA to Natalija. Many scouts passed over Jokic, assuming he would pursue a career in international basketball due to his rumored lack of athleticism. He was so pessimistic that he withdrew from the NBA Draft, but the Denver Nuggets opted to take a chance on him anyway. Tim Connelly, the team’s former general manager, believed he might persuade Jokic to move to the United States because Natalija already lived there.


The wedding date of Natalija and Nikola Jokic.


Who is Natalija Jokic, the stunning wife of Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic? MarcaAfter the Denver Nuggets were officially eliminated from playoff contention by the Los Angeles Lakers, Jokic worked with Natalija throughout the offseason. In October of 2020, they tied the knot. They tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony in the Serbian town of Sombor. Ball Arena, where the Denver Nuggets play their home games, is located near Mrs. Jokic’s alma mater, Metropolitan State. She and her husband recently moved to Denver.Is Nikola Jokic’s wife, Natalija, pregnant?The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ognjena, in September of 2021. Given their recent success and NBA title, the Jokic family may decide to expand in the future. Nikola is likely an excellent father because of the reputation he has earned.




Nikola Jokic has a reputation for being a likable and down-to-earth guy. His humorous postgame comments are a welcome contrast to the fact that he shies away from the limelight to celebrate his successes. He talks about his love of horses and makes jokes about eating too much fast food, especially after losing weight. Many NBA fans and commentators think he’s one of the league’s funniest and most carefree players, earning him the moniker “The Joker.”









Jokic stands out because of his modesty and ability to achieve success without needing to garner continual praise or admiration. This is reflected in the fact that he has a very low profile off of social media compared to other athletes. Natalija has over 28,000 followers on Instagram, whereas Nikola is largely absent from the platform. However, she is hardly a prolific writer; in 2023, she published just two pieces.

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